"We split up Taylor’s fan mail into three different things: people that love her, people that are dying and people who want to chain her up in the basement."
— Scott Swift to Ed Sheeran’s mom. X (via palegingerbabies)

Your eyes look like coming home…

Your eyes look like coming home…

"With every break up there is that initial jolt of anger where you want to throw a chair, but then the reality underneath all that is that you’re really really sad, and you always end up kind of kneeling on the floor, realizing that you just wish that you could back up the whole scenario and make it end differently." - Taylor Swift

Tonight I’m gonna dance for all that we’ve been through.

Tonight I’m gonna dance for all that we’ve been through.


gather round, kids, because it’s time for my biweekly taylor swift rant

let’s discuss “dear john,” the song all too often pinpointed as an example of taylor’s immature name-calling, the song used to show how taylor swift always blames the guy for the relationship ending

"I adore Taylor Swift, but she definitely has a “don’t you mess with me” side."
— Nelly on Taylor Swift (X)


Singles of RED (so far…)


THE RED TOUR: North America

Toronto: SOLD OUT stadium of 45,000 people in under 5 minutes, first solo performance of 'Highway Don't Care' and the only one to date.
Winnipeg: First artist to EVER perform in Investor's Group Field and the first artist to sell it out.
Newark: One of the best live performances of the tour was 'You're Not Sorry' in NJ.
Foxborough: The legendary rain show in Gillette Stadium lived on and it poured again. Boston Strong.
Los Angeles: Now holds the record for most sold out shows by a solo artist with 11 concerts.
St. Louis: The first and only live performance of 'Cold As You' was finally done after 7 years.
Vancouver: Taylor stopped to meet Selena Yorke, an 11 year old fan suffering from an incurable degenerative neuromuscular disease. She is one of 15,000 people known to have it worldwide. Taylor performed 'Long Live' for the 42,000 in attendance.
Tulsa: The surprise song for Oklahoma was 'Hey Stephen' which hasn't been performed since the Fearless Tour.
Houston: Taylor changed the lyrics to 'Fearless' again to "Houston, Texas now capture it, remember it!" Another tour tradition.